Where Can I Donate and Recycle Bras?

Where Can I Donate and Recycle Bras?

Did you know that clothing contributes most to household waste? A recent study shows that each person throws away around 30kg of clothes every year. Considering the vast amount of textiles thrown in the landfills, we can see how much this contributes to pollution. With this in mind, the textile industry has become the largest producer of greenhouse gasses. We can help make the world sustainable by recycling or donating our old clothing to be reused.

Bras are one of the most worn items by women. It’s also one of the most items that are thrown regularly. Researchers have found out some interesting statistics about bras:

• On average, a British woman has nine bras, and only about a third of them are worn regularly.

• People all over the world spend about £16 billion every year buying bras.

Considering the statistics above, did you know that thousands of women who live in developing countries cannot afford a new bra. To help women in these countries, western countries like the UK and the USA have organised charities to help tackle this global problem. Today, these charities are supplying bras for those who cannot afford this type of necessity. If you would like to help out and be a part of this, below are a list of charities and organisations where you can donate your bras.

Your Smalls Appeal

Your Smalls Appeal is a UK charity that focuses on empowering girls in Gambia. They help girls and women by providing education and supplying donated menstrual kits and bras. Your Smalls Appeal believes that bras are essential for the healthy development of young girls.

The Bra Recyclers

The Bra Recyclers are an Arizona-based company that takes on bra and donations and supplies them to women who have escaped domestic violence, human trafficking, etc. They also help and work with breast cancer survivors.

The Bra Recycling Agency (BRA)

The BRA is a company that recycles bras and help raise funds for breast cancer research. You can contribute by donating unused bras or purchasing an e-kit.

Giving is Beautiful

Giving is beautiful is a special campaign for women. Through this campaign, bras are collected for recycling and are given to women in domestic violence shelters.

Free the Girls

The organisation works towards rescuing women from sex trafficking. They help women find jobs or start their businesses.

Donate Your Bra

Donate Your Bra collects used bras and supplies them to groups that support breast cancer and other related charities. It’s run by a group of people who work voluntarily to show their support for women in need.

Other ways to reuse or recycle your bra

Donate to your local charity shop

If you have any new or unused bras, you can donate them to your local charity shops. You can help charities raise funds for different causes.

Recycle old bras

If your bras are not suitable for donation or reused, you can recycle them instead. The bras must be made of absorbent material so that the fabrics can be recycled. These can then be used as a textile by-product or industrial rag. You can search online to find recycling points near you.

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