6 Reasons You Should Consider Solar Panels

6 Reasons You Should Consider Solar Panels

Most of us are aware of the pressure we’re under to find renewable energy sources and swap out unsustainable fossil fuels for more long-term substitutes. However, a lot of homeowners (and business alike) find themselves paralysed by uncertainty and hesitant to truly invest in renewable energy. This is despite the range of benefits available that many people might not be that familiar with. In particular, solar panels seem to be a particularly misunderstood concept.

We spoke to installers of renewable energy services about the six best reasons to use solar panels and generate renewable energy to power your home. Here are those six in detail…

1. Reducing your energy bills is an obvious benefit for anyone, as cutting costs is always helpful. By generating at least some of your own electricity to use in the home, your consumption from the National Grid will drop, perhaps allowing you to sign up for a cheaper package.

2. Reducing your carbon emissions is another well known benefit to solar panels, and ideally this should motivate everyone to get them installed! Even so, it can be hard to find the motivation and capital to make the initial investment, but that’s before considering the additional benefits that other people forget.

3. You may benefit from the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) in the UK if you are able to produce enough electricity through solar panel to feed it back into the National Grid. This may qualify you to receive subsidisation from the government.

4. Adding value to your home is often a positive side effect of having a source of renewable energy like solar panels installed, since they represent future cost savings for any new owners.

5. A better energy efficiency rating is another related consequence of this, and this can also increase the value of your property since it has been classed as less likely to waste money on electricity consumption.

6. Saving money on energy allows you to invest more in your home, which continues this virtuous cycle and lets you continuously secure a better future for yourself. What could be better than having more cash in the bank and a more energy efficient home that you can continue to develop?

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