Eco-Friendly Heated Towel Rails

Eco-Friendly Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails may seem like a luxury to some people, but they can actually be one of the most cost effective ways to add a really special finishing touch to your dream bathroom. They don’t have to be expensive to install or run, especially if you go for an option that’s designed to converse energy and minimise your carbon footprint while it’s in use.

Whatever finish you choose to coordinate with your existing fixtures and fittings, stainless steel, chrome or white designer heated towel rails made for bathrooms just like yours will be available if you find a specialist supplier in your region. Depending on what design you select, almost all heated rails will be available in the same or very similar designs regardless of whether you go for an energy-saving version or not.

The installation of your heater is where this may vary, but even if it’s more complicated and a little more costly, you should soon find that it’s worth the investment. By using less energy produced by fossil fuels, which harm the environment by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as they release energy, you can significantly reduce the impact your day-to-day activities are having on the rest of the world.

One straightforward way of enjoying a designer radiator or heated towel rail without excessive energy consumption is to have an eco-friendly timer fitted when you have your heater installed. This can automatically ensure that it is only switched on when you need it, making sure your towels are still warm and dry when you need them to be, but without wasting energy by having them heated excessively. Usually you can have such a timer installed very discreetly in a bathroom, just the same way you would have a light switch fitted. You can also set the temperature to further reduce wasted energy.

As an alternative, or even in conjunction with an eco-friendly timer, the best way to ensure you’re protecting the environment while using energy is to switch to renewable electricity. This is usually more effectively if you do it for your entire bathroom’s supply, or even your whole home if possible. In countries with warm climates, solar power is the most popular solution for this. In countries like the UK where it the effectiveness of solar panels may be limited by the weather, especially in winter, you might need to consider other options too.

Once you’ve decided on a way to install and run your new system, you can enjoy warm towels every time you step out of the shower. This feels even better when you know you’re saving money and aren’t sacrificing the environment either!

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