How Home Automation Can Make Your Home More Efficient

How Home Automation Can Make Your Home More Efficient

Home automation can apply to almost any room or appliance in your home, if you have the right technology installed. It’s becoming more freely available, from comprehensive systems for your entire home, to mobile apps that control your individual kitchen appliances or heating systems. Major electronics retailers are increasing their range of items that can connect to the Internet and be controlled remotely, and home owners also have the option of choosing a home automation specialist for things ranging from home cinema installation to multi room music systems.

In general these home automation systems can make your home run more efficiently in several different ways. They may save you energy, money, time or all of the above.

Here are a few of the primary factors that can really make a difference:

1) Controlling your heating – The idea of controlling the temperature of your home remotely is arguably one of the things that has really driven innovation and development in this area. Now the technology has caught up to expectations, it’s very easy to install a smart thermostat that can be adjusted automatically or manually via a mobile app. This means you can adapt to unexpected changes to the weather, or when you plan to be home. If nobody is home, most systems will have a preset “Away” setting to conserve energy.

2) Limiting your electricity use – The same principle can be applied to your electricity, meaning you can save money and energy by turning off anything that’s not in use, or automatically having it on at a particular time. This is particularly useful for lighting, which can also have security benefits, but can also apply to any of your electronics. You can even fit motion sensors in your home to switch off appliances that normally waste power when you’re not in the room.

3) Monitoring your bills – The great thing about home automation systems that run using mobile apps and similar interfaces is that you can also use them for reporting, not just remote control. You can see real-time data about your actual electricity, gas and water usage if you have the right app, which can help you make much better decisions and give you ideas of where to save money.

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