Free Winter Heat and Summer Air Conditioning

Free Winter Heat and Summer Air Conditioning

Sound ludicrous? I thought so when I first heard it.  But a little research proves it true.  Free heating, air conditioning and electricity available just for the taking!  The sweet thing?  Its just outside your door! I’m talking about sunlight, of course.

Like picking juicy grapes from a vine or ripe apples from a tree, all you have to do is gather it, and put it to use in your house, garage, shop, outdoor buildings, pool, or in your garden, along your walkways…whatever.  You can heat your house in the winter and air condition it in the summer.  You can also power you lights, appliances, electronics, power tools- anything that works off electricity, all for the cheap price of free.  Heck, some people even power their cars with it, and some have even flown airplanes. Now, you can be your own utility company and toss those power company bills in the garbage!

Used to be such talk was ludicrous. Today it is a reality.  If you want to undo the shackles of oil, gas and electrical power companies off your pocketbook, good ‘ole clean, ever bountiful, never ending, renewed every morning sunshine is the way to go.

Sunlight will heat as well as supply all your electrical needs! So, the question is, “How can I transform this common commodity we all know as “light” into a furnace for heating my home in the winter and air conditioning to cool it in the summer?  How can I turn that same “light” into electricity to supply the power needs of my house?  And any other thing that runs on electricity?  Some very innovative folks have figured it out.   Now there are hundreds, even thousands of good relatively cheap “plug and play” products that do the job for you.  And, if you’d rather, there are “do it yourself” building instructions that guide you step by step how to harvest the sunlight, turn it into heat and air conditioning, as well as electricity, and hitch it to your house and/or whatever gadgets you want to run-  all for free.


If you are building a new house you can, with just about the same cost of installing an oil or gas fired furnace or heat pump, now install solar generated heat and air conditioning equipment, and never have to pay or worry about another oil or gas bill again.  Also, you can build or buy solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity to use in any way you see fit, cutting down electric company bills dramatically, or even eliminating them altogether.  Utilizing “net metering” you can even collect a check from the power company each month for the excess electricity you put back onto the power grid!  Not only that, but Uncle Sam with State and municipalities tax credits and rebates will pay up to 50% of the cost of installation!Is that a good deal or what?

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